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At the beginning of the big show, models walked in the magnificent Louvre and shuttled between ancient sculptures. Outside the window, you could also see the inverted pyramid of the Louvre's iconic building. The dazzling array of artworks in the gallery pavilion made people dizzying. There is no need to travel far because of the appearance of travel.
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Back to this season’s show, as the music rang and started running, our models had cloak-shaped coats, stepped on flexible lightweight knight boots, and held soft and soft bags. In the huge science fiction movie, the female warrior was about to go to an unknown planet. .
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Connecting the past, present and future with fashion, the DNA of human history and culture is connected with the future in a brand-new way through technology, making the memories of the past a part of the clothing of the future. Nicolas' mission is not only to draw inspiration from artists, but to give a modern atmosphere to Greek and Roman art. Nicolas was born in the 6th century BC and the contrapposto was incorporated into the design. The exaggerated soft silhouette of the Renaissance in the 15th century formed the key to expressing femininity this season. The structure of the costume is perfectly combined with the sense of artistic abstraction, giving the girls bold body proportions. The models put on exaggerated inverted triangles like heroic futuristic gladiators. The tailoring of the sculpture is inseparable from the use of ultra-modern fabrics. The stitching of various materials, heavy embroidery, and the fusion of tough and soft materials are all embodied in the simple Byzantine style cocktail dress, which is completed under the blessing of keen aesthetics and innovative craftsmanship. A dialogue between classical and future. After the fashion show, the brand will also launch a special collaboration series of Original Women louis Vuitton Sale|Authentic Women louis Vuitton Sale|Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags Factory Outlet Online Sales x Fornasetti. This special collaboration reflects the experimental traditionalism advocated by the two in many ways, when the forward-looking creativity and craftsmanship of Original Women louis Vuitton Sale|Authentic Women louis Vuitton Sale|Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags Factory Outlet Online Sales and the history of Fornasetti With the combination of aesthetic sensitivity, fashion has found its own foundation and inspiration in the great spirit and art of the past few centuries. This combination of ancient culture and ultra-modern art has opened up a new way for the younger generation to understand and appreciate art.
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Summer is here, and domestic brands have launched slippers and sneakers, which are quite popular. Nike finally made a move. Jordan made a pair of sneakers, which are very interesting in appearance and gameplay. His name is Air Jordan Clog, with a low-top shape, the outer layer is a foamed shell, and there is an inner boot design. Strictly speaking, this pair of shoes is not a sneaker. There are too few openings on the upper. There are only a few openings at the toe and a slot at the heel. The breathability may not be very good. The shoes have the design of inner boots and can be taken out, that is to say, there are three ways to wear the shoes, one is combined together, the other is to wear the inner boots alone, and the other is to wear the outer shell alone. There are three different ways to wear them. feeling. The midsole of the shoes is still relatively thick, and the shape is quite handsome. Jordan's classic crackle elements are added to the inner boots. The gray inner boots are matched with the beige shell. The overall appearance is not bad, and the shoe shape is very good. , is also relatively simple, very handsome shoes, but when Brother Gou sees these shoes, he always feels that his inner boots are like yeezy 350, and the outer shell is like yeezy hole shoes. I wonder if everyone will feel this way?
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Let's take a look at the low-top version. In terms of appearance, Brother Gou thinks it is much better. The shape is more concise. The lines of the upper are similar to those of the high-top version. The position of the heel has been simplified. There is solid color rubber in the position, in short, this shoe is really too ordinary, and there is not much beauty in the design.
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Louis Vuitton launched a poker suit priced at 170,000 yuan and a dumbbell for 19,000 yuan in response to the louis vuitton outlet during the epidemic
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LouisVuitton is one of the most outstanding fashion design masters in the fashion industry. In 1837, LouisVuitton went to Paris to pack up for the nobles. In 1852, he created a square leather suitcase with a flat top, and was later selected as the queen's queen's tie-worker. Since then, he has set foot in the upper class. He opened the first suitcase shop named after him in Paris in 1854. Louis vuitton outlet
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